Green drinks are good for you in so many forms. Since we know the "afternoon slump" is a real thing, we found ourselves looking for a solution here in the Good Goods HQ. One of our favorite Instagram Moms we follow named Sophie Jaffe, posted a pic that looked so perfect we had to build a recipe around it! This is our version of an afternoon energy boost, that will also lift you up with a blast of ancient greens for good health & longevity.



Ingredients: (serves one)

1/2 tsp. Organic MATCHA Ceremonial Grade powder

3 oz Filtered water

6 oz Organic Cashew Milk (substitute with Almond, or organic dairy whole milk)

1 tbsp. Local Organic Honey

Espresso maker

Bamboo whisk

Heat filtered water until it is almost boiling. Place Matcha powder in a tea cup. I order Aiya Matcha from Milk & Eggs when I get my groceries delivered- makes it easy, & I think the flavor is excellent. Meanwhile pour your favorite honey into bottom of ceramic cup. Pour milk on top. Use espresso steamer to warm & whip the honey-milk mix. If you don;t have one the you can gently slowly warm the mixture in a sauce pan.

Pour your hot water over the Matcha when it is ready. Whisk with bamboo whisk (most tea canisters come with a whisk). When honey-milk is warm, pour it over the Matcha tea. Scoop fluffy froth on top. Sip & enjoy the health benefits, energy & perfectly not-too-sweet flavor. 

I love it in the afternoon, but this drink can be enjoyed anytime. Make it special & let it remind you to take some time to honor yourself every day.