Turmeric has all kinds of amazing healing properties. It's an anti-inflamatory. It's said to be useful against cancer, obesity control and has been a popular anti-inflamatory in India throughout history. Turmeric is available in capsules, liquid, and powdered spice. I always have it as a spice in the cupboard & I'll sprinkle it over rice, beans, potatoes, just to get it into my family's diet. (Remember: I'm no medical expert so I advise speaking with your doctor before stopping any of your advised prescriptions.)

But for a boost to feel better, I can attest that drinking a glass of this Grapefruit Turmeric Cooler really works for me. 

You'll notice Black Pepper in this recipe, and that's for two reasons. One is that pepper has it's own wonderful medicinal properties. The other reason is that the presence of Black Pepper "unlocks" the good power inside Turmeric. That's my way of explaining it. The scientific short-explanation is that the Black Pepper enhances the bioavailability of the Turmeric. Plus I really like the spicy kick it adds to this citrusy drink.

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INGREDIENTS: (yields 1 serving)

The juice of 1 large Organic Grapefruit

5 shakes dry Turmeric (to taste)

5 shakes Black Pepper (to taste)

1 pack Stevia sweetener

1 handful Ice Cubes

1/4 cup Filtered Water

Juice the grapefruit into a container. Add all ingredients. Pour into Vitamix (or other powerful blender) Blend until ice is crushed. Enjoy!