Meet Moms & Entrepreneur Renee Kennedy Powers, Founder of Earth Baby. I've known this incredible woman for a while now, connecting through mommy groups and media events, but originally I was really just a fan of her popular store on Ventura Blvd in the valley. The other day, moms were just lined up around the corner for the debut of the newest TOKIDOKI Diaper Bags! Renee has a cool style, fierce sense of humor and she totally gets what moms want. We love her vibe here at Good Goods most because she truly cares about making the world a better place for all families. That is the beautiful energy behind her business and she has so much wisdom to offer. Renee is definitely a part of the

The Good Tribe Vibes with Renee Kennedy Powers in an interview with

Inspiration. What first hooked you on “eco-conscious / natural living”?

Once I became a mother, things changed for me. I started watching documentaries...using google and label reading a heck of a lot more. Things just mattered more. I then had a son who was born with a severe allergy to a chemical found in mainstream disposable diapers. We were forced to cloth diaper him and well, the rest is history. 

Rise & Shine. How do you start your mornings?

I start my mornings crazy like most working mamas....I have some hot organic tea or dandelion root to get my morning going. I usually make my boys some eggs with bacon....Yum, did someone say bacon? 

Family. Kids! How many? How old? And are you having more!

I have two amazingly wild loving boys. Gavin Hendrix, is 11 this summer and Tannen Michael, will be 5 in January. No more here. This bakery is closed. I am lucky enough to be able to play and snuggle all the babies of Los Angeles on a regular basis. 

Mama. What are your quick Top 3 Earth Baby tips for new moms?

1. Do what works for you and your family. 2. Do not compare your parenting to those around you. 3. Shop for your baby at earthbaby boutique. 

Love & Support. How do you run your business while taking care of your family?

Honestly, I barely do. It's a huge struggle. I constantly feel like I am being pulled in both directions. Most days I just have to sit back and reflect on what's most important and of course that is my family. I make adjustments to my work schedule to include my children if needed. A good balance is most important. My boys also enjoy coming to work the shop with mom days! 

Give. Do you have a charity or cause that you support?

My favorite local charity is the Single Mothers Outreach Program located in Santa Clarita, Ca. One upon a time I was a single mother and that was so difficult...the Single Mothers Outreach program gave me hope for myself and all the single moms out there. 

Nourish. What would we find you cooking up in your kitchen?

Lots of protein and veggies. In my home, we follow a low carb. high protein diet. We buy as much organic produce as we possibly can. We frequent a lot of local farmers markets. We also buy our meat directly from an amazing farm called Dela Ranch

Crafty. What do you love to make with your kids?

We love using modeling clay at home and at our earthbaby creative learning space. My boys really use their imaginations while building with clay and I just love seeing their creations. They are truly proud to show off their projects. 

Must Haves. Pick your fave new super cute, or truly innovative, products that you have discovered & totally love
Baby Sweetooth: Medical grade ice cream cone teething toy. Made in the USA. Can go in dishwasher and also in freezer.

Fresh Take Books:  Modern amazing and fun hip hop based childrens' books! Makes the perfect gift as reading is so important, especially starting them early!

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