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The idea for Good Goods was born with the birth of my first child. As a new parent, I wanted to learn about everything I was putting on or putting in my baby and myself. But I found it almost impossible to decipher all of the ingredients in the products I found at the local health food store. I consulted a chemical dictionary. I found many of the cleansing agents and synthetic fragrances weren’t only just harsh on the skin, but suspected to be carcinogens. And some of the “secret” ingredients were under Trademark protection. So you’re probably wondering—do we really know what’s in the products we are using? I wondered the same thing. Which lead me to create Good Goods.

Good Goods sources local , natural ingredients to make our products. There are no “Trademarked” secret ingredients. We know the story behind all of our ingredients, so we make sure only the good goes in. But Good Goods doesn’t just end with great ingredients. We are committed to making products that are accessible to everyone. Because it’s the right thing—the good thing—to do.